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Additional Locations

In addition to our main location, The Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo also offers training at numerous other facilities. In addition to the Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo, we would also like to recommend other Bujinkan dojos located across the US. Please contact the individual location to confirm hours of operation.

For a more complete listing of Bujinkan Dojos, please visit the OniBujin webpage and click on dojos(

Wolfpack Bujinkan Club
 NC State University
 Raleigh, NC
 Contact: Alex Rezcallah
Instructors:  The Wolfpack Bujinkan Club is a school training group that meets on Tuesday evenings at NC State University. Led by Sandan Carl Falish and Shodan Alex Rezcallah, this group is sponsored by the Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo.
Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Shibu of Blacksburg
 VT Campus
 Blacksburg, Virginia
 Contact: Jacob Monzel
Instructors:  Training is run by Jacob Monzel and Thomas Howe and overseen by Shihan Karl Koch in NC. For information on training times and fees, contact Jacob at the email noted.
Programs:  The Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Shibu of Blacksburg provides training to students at Virginia Tech and residents of the Blacksburg, Virginia area. The group has an active schedule and trains regularly with outside instructors to maintain the quality of training. For more information on this Shibu, contact Jacob Monzel.
Bujinkan Shin'Yu Dojo
 Toledo, Ohio
 Phone: 419-297-4009
 Contact: Shihan Jeffrey Skillman
Instructors:  Training is run by Shihan Jeffrey Skillman. A long time practitioner of the Bujinkan and friend of Shihan Koch, Shihan Skillman contines to train regularly with instructors from across the country as well as traveling annually to Japan.
Programs:  Training is held at Monday and Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at 10 S. Holland-Sylvania Road.
Purdue Yanagi Shibu
 W. Lafayette, Indiana
 Contact: Gary Stair
Instructors:  Training at the Purdue Yanagi Shibu is lead by Sensei Gary Stair.
Programs:  Located on the campus of Purdue University, the Purdue Yanagi Shibu is a Shibu of the Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo. For training times and locations, please contact Sensei Stair.
Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo
 Westminster, MD
 Contact: Phillip Legare
Instructors:  Shihan Phillip Legare is a longtime practitioner of the Bujinkan and one of the senior Shihan in the United States. Shihan Legare was the original sponsor for the VT Shibu and is a long time friend and mentor to both Shihan Karl and Carol Koch. Like them, Shihan Legare travels regularly to Japan to train with Soke Hatsumi and the senior instructors and shares his training with groups throughout the US.
Programs:  The Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo is the headquarters for the Taka Seigi dojos in the US. For more information on training at the dojo, contact Shihan Phillip Legare.
Bujinkan Shima Dojo
 Richmond, VA
 Contact: Doug Tweedy
Instructors:  Located in Richmond, Va, the Bujinkan Shima Dojo offers excellent training under the guidance of Shidoshi Doug Tweedy.

Hours of operation and class schedules may vary at different times of the year, please call the individual location to get the most accurate information.