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News and Upcoming School Events

The Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo has many upcoming events for our students and school families. Refer to this page to find out about training seminars, workshops, trips and other school related information.

We will also be posting News Bulletins or pertinent information regarding the school, it's students, it's instructors, or Soke Hatsumi. The Calendar will also list these items as well. Make sure you print out the school calendar each month for easy reference.


WEEKLY PILATES CLASSES RETURN!!!  1/11/18  (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)
Join Shihan Carol Koch for a great fitness class which can aid in better integrating awareness and motion - a benefit to any martial artist. In addition to her background as a certified Pilates instructor and certified Rolfing practitioner, Carol bring 35 years of martial arts background to provide a unique fitness class every Thursday evening

New participants are welcome to join at any time!


SHINNENKAI 2018  1/19/18  (7:00 PM)
Join the Dojo as we host senior instructors from across the Southeastern area for a weekend of training dedicated to Soke Hatsumi's teachings. Expect a combination of training from unarmed and weaponry as we explore training from last year and look toward next year!!!!
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SHIHAN ROB RENNER  3/23/18  (7:00 PM)
Join the dojo as we host Shihan Rob Renner for a weekend of training based on the latest training in Japan. Rob is a longtime resident of Japan, training regularly Soke Hatsumi and the senior Japanese instructors. His unique ability to breakdown complex training concepts into simple movements and drills usuable by both new and experienced practitioners of the Bujinkan makes this an event not to miss.

NEW NAME AND NEW FACE!  9/16/16  (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Join us now on FACEBOOK! Recently, the dojo's name was changed to reflect Soke Hatsumi's recent translation of the dojo name. You can now find us on Facebook listed as the Bujinkan Kakure Yama Dojo! Like the page and get updates on upcoming training events and news regarding Bujinkan training in the Raleigh Durham area and across the south! Click the link below to go there now!
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BASICS REBOOT  1/5/18  (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
Every January and September, we reboot our Basics classes to refresh and rebuild our fundamental skills. Although we encourage joining our Fundamentals of Taijutsu class at any time of the year, these reboot months are the perfect time to start!

The Fundamentals class is designed for both beginners and advanced students as we cover the fundamentals of Bujinkan training. Classes focus on rolls and breakfalls, basic punching and kicking skills, and joint locks and throwing. While these classes provide the basis for progression in the Kyu Ranks, refinement of these skills is necessary for continued advancement in the art.

Please Contact Us to get more information about any of these upcoming events or if you wish to add an item to our schedule.